Spray Paint Art - Andrew Spatuzzi

Creating art does not mean you have to crawl before you can walk. Some artists hit the ground running like local New Hartford seventh grader, Andrew Spatuzzi. A month ago, Andrew stumbled across a TikTok video about spray paint canvas. He was immediately inspired and decided to take on the challenge.

While Andrew has only been creating canvas art for a short period of time, he already has a favorite style. He enjoys painting intergalactic scenes and has moved to working on firework landscapes. Since the start of his adventure, Andrew has made dozens of unique pieces of art.

Andrew uses spray paint to achieve vibrancy and crumbled newspaper for a gradient effect. He uses household items like bowls to trace shapes for his paintings. The layered spray paint and various materials create abstract pieces with intricate detail and sharp lines. 

Andrew has made 25 designs so far and he hopes to continue creating new designs in the future. 

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